One of the most common admin jobs is that of the high school principal. People grow up with their high school principal and see first hand what their job entails, to a limited degree. They do not see everything, but they do get an idea of what that job entails. When I was in junior high, I was often sent to the principal’s office. I was in trouble for doing something disruptive in class or for skipping class, and I had to visit his office so he could talk some sense into me. When I went to high school, my methods had not changed. My junior high principal was a stern man, and the type I did not get along with very well. He would scold me and threaten to call my parents, and I did not really seem to care. For some reason, it only provoked more misbehavior from me.

So when I entered high school, my behavior had yet to be changed. My high school principal was a very understanding man and his reprimands were very mild and effective. Because he was such a likable person, I decided that I wanted to impress him and make him proud. So I was only sent to his office once. That is all it took. Once I got to know the man, I respected him and realized how immaturely I had behaved. I immediately changed my ways and behaved well in class. His position made a big difference in my life.

Administration jobs in education can often be the most rewarding for this very reason. Principals get to deal with and see firsthand how their methods work on children. If they really care about the welfare of the kids, they will experiment with different methods and adapt to what their kids need. They will eventually find a few tactics that work better, and will handle those situations better. If you want a rewarding career, look into administration lobs in the educational system. The pay might not be the best, but it is good enough, and you get to be a part of the community. Since all parents care about their children more than anything, they will be very concerned and involved with everything you do as principal. If you win their affection and trust, you will be popular in the local town. People will praise your methods if they work and will be grateful to you for what you did for their children. Children will grow up and realize what you did for them. Many of them will remember to thank you, while others might forget. In the end, you will have the warm feeling inside of knowing that you are making a difference.

The best kind of admin job is one that makes the biggest difference in the world around you. As principal, you will be directly and actively involved in the community. Since budgets have become tight over the years, and the government has had to reduce those budgets throughout the years, many principals have had to take action and raise funds for their own schools. They have had to work with the community in organizing fundraisers. They also create all the educational policies of their school, which means that parents and teachers will be making their own suggestions and raising their voices to make changes. You will need to listen and be attentive to their needs and desires. If you find a good compromise or find great and effective ways of working with parents and appeasing them, you will be in good standing in your community. You will be popular locally and many of those parents will go out of their way to thank you for your interest and concern in their children’s lives. It is a big deal to parents if you listen to their concerns and truly consider them.

If you start out with admin assistant jobs, you will see just how involved principals are in their communities. There are a wide variety of duties that principal has to take care of and a wide variety of operations he has to make sure run smoothly. You will see firsthand how difficult and rewarding that position can be. Principals have to be very organized and be able to take on multiple tasks. They should be involved in multiple facets of the field on a daily basis. They have to make sure their teachers are performing well and their students are learning well. They often visit classrooms to observe the teachings and performance of their teachers to make sure students respond well to their methods. As principal, you will be directly involved with the curriculum and will set the overall academic tone in the school.

Because I had a great principal in high school, I changed my tune. I decided to try learning and taking advantage of the opportunities that were available to me at the school. I got more involved in the activities of the school. I auditioned for the school plays, helped my friends with the school dances, and joined a couple of athletic teams. In junior high, I was always thinking of ways to create mischief and cause problems for the teachers and the school staff. In high school, I no longer thought all those things were funny, or fun. I no longer got a thrill out of pulling pranks at school. I grew up a little and realized that I needed to start preparing myself for life after high school. My principal and my teachers helped me realize this. The principal set a good, solid academic tone at the school and the teachers took to that mission statement and made high school an enjoyable learning experience!