High Paying Truck Jobs

In recent polls, truck drivers indicated that the main factor in choosing a company to work for was high pay. Not even weekly home time topped salary as the best reason truckers chose to drive for a particular company.

Air Liquide is a gas company offering qualified drivers $50,000 to $70,000 a year on average. Furthermore, since the transportation of gasses is especially dangerous, they offer safety incentives and company training in addition to their quarterly and annual profit sharing bonuses.

Dot Foods is a private carrier transporting grocery goods. While there are only a few areas hiring truck drivers, those who meet requirements can expect an average of $900 a week and $.37 – $.41 cpm for the first year as well as bonuses and pay for actual miles, layovers, pick-up and detention.

Tyson Foods offers truck drivers $.39 – $.42 cpm to start in addition to an annual safety bonus. Also, if you have a single trip under 500 miles, Tyson pays an extra $.03 cpm and for single trips under 250 miles, they pay $.06 cpm. In addition, Tyson offers paid vacation, jury pay, drop and pick-up pay, layover pay, unloading pay, bereavement pay and short term disability.

Boise is a private carrier looking for truck drivers to transport their paper products. Boise is a good carrier to drive for because they have plenty of freight. They offer $.86 – $.93 per loaded mile (plus a fuel surcharge) and $.74 per empty mile. Boise offers $50 for each extra stop as well as referral bonuses.

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